June 7, 2021

LEM Capital Acquires 100th Multifamily Property as it Celebrates 19 Years in Business

Philadelphia, PA – LEM Capital, L.P. (“LEM”) today announced the acquisition of its 100th multifamily property. The firm, which recently celebrated its 19th anniversary, has been investing exclusively in suburban value-add multifamily properties since 2011.

“We are excited to announce our 100th multifamily acquisition,” said Jay Eisner, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of LEM. “We have built a strong team of multifamily experts that should continue to position LEM well in today’s competitive environment.” LEM’s value-add multifamily investment program targets equity investments ranging between $5 million and $25 million per property, with total capitalizations ranging from $35 million to $90 million.

LEM Multifamily Track Record

  • • 19 Year Track Record
  • • 100 Acquisitions
  • • 66 Dispositions
  • • 23,000+ Units
  • • 28 Operating Partners
  • • 27 Markets
  • • Over $2.9 Billion in Multifamily Real Estate
Target Value-Add Investment[1]

  • • Suburban Garden-Style Multifamily
  • • 1980s’s-2010 Vintage
  • • 150-450 Units
  • • Amenitized
  • • $20-75mm total deal size
  • • 15-19% investment-level return
  • • LEM equity up to 85%


“LEM’s value-add business plans typically contemplate upgrades to apartment interiors, common areas and a particular focus on the amenities with the goal of providing a ‘like-new’ experience at a moderate price point for the average working-class American renter,” said Allison Bradshaw, a Partner of LEM. “We work closely with our Operating Partners to help them source and win deals and then work side by side to develop and implement business plans that seek to create value over our typical 4-5-year hold periods.”

About LEM Capital

LEM Capital is a real estate private equity firm with a 19-year track record focused on protecting investors’ downside and building portfolios to help deliver dependable current cash flow and equity upside through good and bad cycles.

The team consists of multifamily experts that seek to acquire well-located apartment properties where LEM can add value and seek to increase rents through physical upgrades and implementation of better management practices. The firm’s approach combines the local, long-term market knowledge and day-to-day management of its network of nationwide Operating Partners with LEM’s disciplined investment selection, rigorous due diligence process and intensive asset management oversight, all led by the firm’s partners. LEM’s goal is to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns to its investors while safeguarding capital.

Since 2002, LEM has raised over $1.3 billion[2] in investor commitments and has acquired over 23,000 value-add apartment units since 2011.[3]

Notes: 1 – There can be no assurance that the results set forth in the projections will be attained and actual results may be significantly different from the projections. 2 – As of June 30, 2020. 3 – As of May 19, 2021.