Many headlines today are alluding to the potential for oversupply in multifamily due to new starts over the next year+. However, many of the projects under construction or in the […]

As rising interest rates slowed demand for housing in 2022, new data on household growth is helping show how demand has changed since 2019. Various drivers enabled people (largely older […]

Housing affordability in the U.S. has been a growing concern among many over the past few years. While we’ve seen historic rent growth numbers since 2020, wage growth has kept […]

After a year of unprecedented growth in 2021, the housing market has taken a turn. With multiple interest rate hikes, homebuying has become even more unattainable for many due to […]

Renting affords a high degree of mobility. With changes in attitudes towards home ownership coupled with high barriers to entry for new buyers, more people of all demographics are renting […]

Entering what many are calling the ninth inning of the current real estate market, we believe the most prudent investment is one offering the most downside protection and dependable upside. […]

CBRE Multifamily Research takes a look at the U.S. Population by Generation and the specific impacts of the younger Millennial and Generation Z cohorts on multifamily demand.

Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies recently released their 2018 “State of the Nation’s Housing” report. In the 30th anniversary report, many of the main barriers to home ownership persist […]